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How to Blog When You Have Young Kids

Dec 18, 2018 | Blogging

I started blogging at Kid Magazine two years before I had kids. I was working full-time but I could stay up until midnight working on my blog, knowing I could still squeeze in 7-8 hours sleep and then head to work. 

Fast forward to having a baby, and then having a baby and a toddler and there were no guarantees. As they grew, so too did my blog and the amount of time I needed to spend on it.

Blogging when you have small children is a catch 22 – you want to blog so you can earn an income and stay at home with your kids but then when you are at home with your kids you have no time to blog.

So how do you grow a blog that can support your family while you are raising little kids? Here’s what has worked for me:


Be strict with boundaries

It can be oh so easy to work on your blog all the damn time. It is another baby after all! But don’t lose sight of why you are blogging in the first place.

You need to set clear boundaries so everyone is getting the attention they need (mum included!). I like to blog early in the morning before my kids wake up but as soon as my daughter wakes up and walks out to where I am working, I shut my laptop to give her my full attention. When she is settled and doing some quiet play I can then get back to work for a little while. Examples of other boundaries you might have in place include:

– No technology between certain hours when you dedicate that time to the kids

– No blogging on weekends

– Boundaries around what you will and won’t blog about regarding your family life (as your kids get older these can be agreed on by them also)


Don’t compare yourself to others

There are so many bloggers with beautifully curated Instagram feeds who look to be completely nailing #mummybloggerlife. They appear in their carefully curated images with a full face of makeup and a wardrobe to die for with kids who can wear white and somehow not get dirty.

I can promise you that this is their highlight reel. They are also dealing with tantrums and picky eaters and struggling to find time to write for their blog.

Comparison will really do you no favours and the beauty of blogging is that there is room for everyone’s unique and individual voice to be heard.


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Set realistic goals

Goals are so important when it comes to blogging. Without them you will never know when you hit the point of success and where you want to be.

Goals keep you on track and help you avoid those bright shiny objects along the way that are trying to distract you from the tasks that will actually propel your blog to success.

It is also important that your goals are realistic. If you have a young baby who is waking every 3 hours for a feed, you aren’t likely to be able to spend 5 hours every day blogging. Be realistic and flexible where you need to so you stay on the right path.


Find a schedule that works for you

I mentioned that I like to get up early to blog in the morning before my kids wake up and that is because I work best in the morning. 

I can churn out some writing, edit images and work on goals and planning while my mind is fresh and the house is quiet. Then at night if I want to do some work I can do scheduling or other tasks that don’t need to much of my creative brain switched on.

Find what works for you and build a routine around it. Set the alarm to get up so you can squeeze in those few hours of work before your day starts with the kids or do your dinner prep at lunch wile the baby sleeps so you can jump straight into work as soon as the kids are in bed.

Kids do have a tendency to ruin the best laid plans but you will find a rhythm that works for you.


Be kind to yourself

There will be days when all your plans for blogging fly right out the window. The kids are sick or going through a sleep regression and you have no time or energy to even lift the lid on the laptop. That’s ok.

Remember why you are building this – so you can be there for your kids. Embrace it!

Blogging is one of the most rewarding professions because of the difference you can make to the lives of other people. And the same can be said of motherhood.

Don’t fall off the blogging wagon because of one bad week. Pick yourself up, reset your goals and step back into your routine, even if you have to tweak it along the way. You’ve got this!

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Want to know everything you need to do to get your blog posts SEEN? Enter your details and we will send you our free checklist with everything you need to do before and after you hit publish to maximise exposure for your blog!