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Are you ready to set blogging goals for the year ahead? Or even the next month ahead?

It’s important that you come up with goals that are realistic but are also not too easy – we need to push ourselves!

They also need to be SMART goals:

What is a SMART goal?

Make sure that your goals are:

  • Specific – goals that are too vague, such as “get more traffic” are just not specific enough. You need to drill down to how many page views or unique views you want to aim for.
  • Measurable – you need to be able to track your goals – how will you know you’ve reached them?
  • Achievable – set realistic and attainable goals but also reach high and push yourself!
  • Relevant – are the goals you are setting really important to you and the growth of your blog or business?
  • Timely– can you allocate a deadline to this goal?

Some examples of Smart Goals for your blog might be to:

  • Earn $1k per month (or another financial amount!)
  • Build your subscriber list to 1000 relevant emails
  • Spend 30 minutes every day on your blog
  • Growing your social media followers to 5000
  • Build your DA to 25
  • Learn how to optimise images for SEO
  • Guest post on 10 blogs with higher DAs than you and with a relevant audience

It might even be to spend LESS time blogging or to maintain your current level of income. You don’t always need to be growing to be succeeding.

Woman at desk

Bear in mind too that you can continually be adding to or changing your goals as the year goes on.

Break Down Your Blogging Goals

So now you have you have your main goals, it’s time to break them down into smaller chunks.

For example, if your goal was to grow your email list to 1000 relevant subscribers, it’s now time to work out how to get there by breaking it down.

What things can you do to grow the list:

  • add subscriber forms to your website and blog posts
  • add content upgrades to your posts
  • guest post
  • run paid ads
  • add subscriber forms to your social media accounts etc.

Can you see that you’re already building a To Do list with the steps you need to take to start hitting that goal?

You can also break it down month by month to set mini goals to ramp up to your goal of 1000 emails. They’re probably not going to appear overnight but would a growth of 100 per month be doable?

Break down each goal into actionable mini goals.

Another example – if you want to increase your blog traffic, the steps might be to:

  • optimise your old posts and website for SEO
  • add pinnable images to all of your posts and pin them to Pinterest using Tailwind
  • Promote your posts on Facebook and/or Instagram etc

You’re not done though – I want you know to go through that list of all those To Do items and make sure they definitely align with one of your goals.

If they’re not going help you reach a goal – remove them. Don’t create ‘busy work for yourself.

To Do List

Track Blogging Goals

Now you have your goals, you now need a method of tracking them.

And tracking them regularly, monthly or even weekly, is a must.

Setting a goal in January and then seeing how you did in December is pointless.

Tracking your website traffic can be done in Google Analytics – this info is so rich and helpful.

You can track info such as your monthly page views and unique visitors and your bounce rate – and make improvements based on that figure.

But you might like to also track your goals in one place – in a planner or spreadsheet – we’ve created a goal tracker just for you!

Print off a page for each of your blogging goals. If you’re struggling to break down your goals – or set a plan on how you’re going to achieve them – let us know as we can help you get there!

You can get access to this Blogging Goals Tracker, and to our expertise, by joining The Amplifiers. Find out more here!

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