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Specialist parenting copywriters

We live and breathe writing for mums. Over a combined 13 years we have reached tens of thousands of mums who trust and respect our knowledge and advice.

In 2018 we knew it was time to take our collective experience in the parenting space to help more brands thrive. And that’s what we do now. Copywriting, content strategy, content creation and collective sales.

We know mums

Straight up, you won’t find a pair of copywriters in the country who know more about Aussie mums.

We are both mums with four young kids between us. If there is a parenting product on the market, we’ve heard about it. If mums are talking about it, we are part of the conversation.

Collaboration over competition

Mum Collab arose from a passion we both share – collaboration. And collaboration beats competition every time. As hard-working Aussie mums in business, we believe that working together gets better and quicker results. 

Sharing our knowledge, our expertise and our vast network has grown our businesses, our income and made every aspect of our work easier. We’re confident that collaborating with you will get results for you too. 

With our vast networks of brands and Aussie mums, we are in a unique position to provide collaboration opportunities like no other. 


Years of experience

As writers, we have a 13 years of combined experience in the digital parenting space. We have both written for brands large and small in a diverse range of markets from insurance to baby products, fashion, health, beauty and everything in between.

In that time, we have finely honed our writing skills to produce sharp content that resonates. No matter whether it is a website, social media or a brochure, we can write it.


Let us help you tell your story

Mums want to read stories… they are what will sell your product. Luckily for you, storytelling is what we do best. We have both been telling our stories, and the stories of so many others, online for many years.

Whether you need a complete content overhaul or a few product descriptions rewritten, we are the copywriters you want for the job. We are flexible, easy to work with and 100% committed to your success.